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Sophia Howerton

Filed under: Kind Words,Tulsa — January 5, 2008 @ 8:24 pm

Alissa, your mom sent me this absolutely beautiful and touching letter you
wrote about Harley, needless to say by the time I got to the middle of it, I
was in tears. I am the friend of your mom’s with whom you spoke on the
phone and told you that I too had lost my little best friend and child
“Baby” of 17 years and to this day, it still hurts to remember her.

When I bought Baby (an apricot toy poodle) it was during my single years and
she became my baby, my companion, my little best friend and above all
someone who loved me unconditionally. When she had to be put to sleep, my
heart broke into many tiny pieces but I know when it’s my time to go to my
Father’s home, she will be there to greet me and she won’t have the
arthritis which she had to deal with for the last years of her life. I
truly believe we will see our pets in heaven, they have a soul and that must
mean something plus if God placed them in our lives and through them so much
happiness, love and companionship was given to us, then surely they will be
with us in heaven. After all, God says in his word that he gives us the
desires of our hearts.

I will encourage you to buy another little companion and can assure you that
he/she too will become a very important part of your life. I have my four
little poodles and they are my life! They have become my children and have
given me the love and strength I’ve needed so many times, including going
through a divorce and when I was heartbroken and wanted to give up, I knew
they needed me and I was all I had, that gave me the strength to keep going,
become strong again and make a better life for my little ones and me. I
think some people don’t understand that when a single woman has a dog an
incredibly strong bond is created between you and that little one.

I still miss my Baby and there is a very special place in my heart for her,
but my four little ones have made the loss less painful and they are now my
babies and I love them will all my heart. Alissa, there is another little
friend out there waiting for you to let him or her adore you with all its

Have an abundantly blessed New Year and hope to hear soon that you have a
new little companion in your life.

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