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Harley’s Resting Place

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Here are some wildflowers that were growing near Harley’s spot when we visited it last week.

the spot

Harley’s spot is nestled beneath some pine trees near a pond.  I marked it with a designer rock that I got from a landscaping place.

harley's spot

We got some flower seeds to sprinkle over the spot.  I’m not sure if that is going to work or not though as it’s kind of shady under those pine trees.  Harley would have preferred to be in the sun, of course.  :)

I have a few more pics but my computer is still dead.  So it might be a few weeks before I can post the rest.


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exorcist doggie

My computer is broken so I haven’t been able to update my pictures as much as I would like.  Plus, I am going out of town and will be visiting my beloved Harley while I’m gone.  So, I might not have new pics for a bit.  But this is the infamous exorcist doggie at Megraine’s Roycroft hideout.  I can hear him growling now.  Harley has been coming to visit me a lot in dreams.  The first couple weeks it would always be at the same time – when he used to wake me up in the morning.  I miss the little guy.  But at least, he hasn’t gone far.

Harley and Meg

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Harley and Meg

Another picture of Harley and Meg from the Blue Lodge.  Tom couldn’t believe that Harley would let someone rub his belly like that.  It’s funny how different his relationship could be with different people.  With Heidi, he was a cuddly lap dog.  But Harley’s relationship with Megan was marked with much more drama (imagine that).  It used to crack me up when we lived in St. Paul how they would always argue over the orange chair.  Meg would constantly have to remind him who’s chair it was.  This picture kind of sums up their playful (and often mellodramatic) power struggle.