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Harley and Kat

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kat and harley face rub

Some more photos of the Blue Lodge.  Here is Harley frolicking with Kat (muse of J. An’tal at the time).  Harley is doing his famous face rub in the carpet move.

kat and harley

Here Harley is doing his look how cute I am move.  It looks like Kat is falling for it hook, line, and sinker.  The date is Jan 20, 2000.

Scene from the Blue Lodge

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ho and harley

In keeping with my Blue Lodge tribute, I have so many pictures of Harley sitting in Heidi’s lap. He just liked to park there. I don’t think he even sat in MY lap so much. :)

Blow Up

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me and har fashion

How could I forget these?  I found a couple more photos of our own little Antonioni film.  Harley was a movie star too.


David Hemmings…I mean, J. An’tal.

Fashion Photo Shoot

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fashion dj

More memories from the Blue Lodge today. Here, Harley and I play DJ.

hiDJ and Harley

HiDJ and Harley at the peak of fashion.

har and me fashion

These photos were taken by famous fashion photographer, J’Antal…


Like It’s 1999

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Here are some pictures from New Year’s Eve 1999. Harley is watching the festivities on TV from the Blue Lodge. I received a transmission from Hi-DJ yesterday that demolition of the Blue Lodge started at 9am PT yesterday. Ironically, it’s the same week that demolition of Third Ear began. All the threads of my previous lives seem to be crumbling behind me. Anyway, we are going to be doing a little tribute to the Blue Lodge over the next couple days.

wave bye

The colors turned out funny in this pictures. Remember the days before digital photos? It wasn’t that long ago. Here Harley and Amber are waving goodbye to the 20th century.

Back Seat Driver

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back seat driver

Here is Harley getting comfy in the back seat of my rental car with his little fleece blankets.  He was so good in the car.  Perfectly content.

Modern Art

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modern art

Harley and me shortly after moving into the Blue Lodge. Megraine had moved out. But she had left behind a large box of things for several months. Being that the Blue Lodge was typically crammed with superheroes, space was tight. There was no place for the box other than the living room. Over time, it grew into a living art project. We threw a sheet over it, the remains of a chair, some mardi gras beads, a New York Times and VOILA. It became modern art. Harley and I had to have our say…

A Nice Place For a Nap

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bass drum

Sometimes Harley would do these things that were SO ENDEARING in that there was such GENIUS in the irony.  I would laugh to myself…Silly Dog.


And then he would do something to make me wonder…Just who was pulling who’s leg?

I miss my little genius.  :)

Harley Fort

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wet dog

Here’s a wet Harley drying off with his favorite squeaky toy.

wet dog

He’s snuggled up in a pile of things drier than he.

The Dreaded Bath

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bath face

One of Harley’s least favorite activities was the dreaded bath though he started to tolerate it a little better in his older age.

me and har bath

I’d always swaddle him up afterwards to dry him out a bit. Then as soon as I put him down he would run around in circles until he was dry.

me and wet har

I would always get my little snuggle moment before that. He wouldn’t tolerate it for long, but I think he appreciated all the love and attention more as he grew older and less restless.  When he was a puppy, he would run and hide at the mere mention of the word ‘bath’.  But the older he got, the worse his hearing was.  So I didn’t have to chase him around as much :)

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