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My Mom’s Worst Nightmare

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mom's worst nightmare

This is the kind of thing that would drive my mom INSANE. Before my parents built up their back deck up, it was a wide open pile of mud underneath – at least from Harley’s perspective.

Harley looks like he’s saying, ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ This is about the time I’d hear, ‘ALEEEEEESA!’

I miss that frisky little guy.

Sandy, The Orphan Dog

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When I was a student, I was on a pretty tight budget. I definitely didn’t have extra money for grooming. I got pretty good at grooming Harley myself. My sister used to laugh at how I butchered his hair. She would say he looked like Sandy, the orphan dog. I wish I could find the picture of my first grooming job. This was actually taken at the height of my skill. Those tear stains were pretty intense. The only way to really get rid of them was to feed Harley distilled water which was definitely not in my budget at the time. Plus, they were kind of rockstar looking.

sandy deluxe

They were much less noticeable from far away.

from the side

Harley watching football with my roomates (Look at Bob Dole’s nose ring).

Moving To Seattle

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harley and chad

Here’s a picture of Harley and Chad with our U-Haul trailer on the way to Seattle.

chad and harley

Harley and Chad had a few rows on the way there. Here is Chad looking very awkward and not sure what to do when a sweet little dog crawls into your lap while driving. Poor little Harley was cramped in the back seat which was entirely full. He ended up cuddling up on some pressed and dry cleaned shirts that Chad had hung in the back. My favorite quote from the trip was, “GET YOUR DOG OFF MY ITALIAN SHIRTS!”

harley in ballard

Harley’s new home in Ballard.

Orange Bows

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Orange Bows

Harley was kind of a chameleon dog.  He would look really different depending on how long his hair was.  People would say he was chubby when his hair was long.   But he never was.  He was always a lean, mean, fighting machine – albeit a furry one.  Sometimes the groomer would put these cute little bows in his ears.  My dad would get really upset about things like that and his little rhinestone collar.  Boy dogs are NOT supposed to have rhinestone collars – even if they DID match my glasses.  :)

Hanging Out In The Control Room

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under console

A very strange night tonight.  My neighbor’s apartment caught on fire.  Barack Obama wins South Carolina.  Remembering Harley getting curious in the control room of Tom’s studio.

making himself at home

Harley just made himself at home.

studio dog

No professional studio is complete without a little white shih tzu.

Harley in Chicago

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chitown tongue

This is a picture from our visit to Chicago.  Harley loved traveling.  Riding in the car, visiting friends were two of his favorite things to do.

erin and harley

Here he is flirting with Erin.

The Green House

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harley and rug

I’m not sure why every house I’ve lived in has some sort of rainbow colored nickname, but so was the appellation for our house in Austin.  Harley used to have really severe tear stains when he was young.  They got better with age.  It could also be that the water in Austin had more mineral deposits.  Harley would spend hours sitting on the back of the couch (to the left) and looking out the window.  And every day when the mailman came, he would stick his nose in the mailslot and bark incessantly until the mailman was gone.

harley's rear

Here’s Harley’s rump with Ebony, Chad, Matt, and Kim.  Man, everyone looks really YOUNG.  Harley loved all the hustle and bustle of the green house.  Harley was one of the most overly socialized dogs to ever live.

Harley and me

Harley and me (look at all his toys under the couch).

Harley and Heidi

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heidi and harley

Harley and Heidi in the car. Harley looks like he’s purring. Harley adored Heidi. She was like his second mom – joining me on the 24 hour vigil to save Harley’s eye.  Remember Coney?

heidi har and camera strap

Ahh Harley the feirce protector of the Blue Lodge..always faithful …always vigilant…I even recall him regularly protecting the sleeping Alyssia from me as I came into our room to go to sleep (or maybe was i planning to smother her in her sleep???? –perhaps!! and Harley was taking no chances to be sure!)…of course minutes later he could be sleeping in my bed but hey people have a right to change thier minds (and always remember Harley IS a person), Heidi

Heidi Nebel

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Alissa, I love Harley and i know he is happy looking down to see that he is still the center of attention! I adored living with him and couldn’t possibly forget him. (I just had a flash of him defending his property under the coffee table from invading feet)…I hope you know that if i was a dog i would want you to be my owner! I love you very much and am sending good vibrations to you and Harley wherever he may be…love, Heidi

Latin Music Star Harley

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marimba and harley

Here’s a picture of Harley with the marimba I brought back from Guatemala.  It’s February in Minnesota, and Harley is wearing the only sweater that he was never able to wriggle out of.

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