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Burger King

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coveting burger king

Look at Harley.  He WANTS that burger.  BAD.

burger king harley

Poor little thing though.  His friends went all the way to Burger King and all he got was this stupid hat.

Harley and Beth Metal

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harley and beth metal

Another one of Harley’s favorite people was Beth Metal.  Harley LOVED it when Beth came over.  He would get so animated.  He would run around in circles in front of her.  I think he appreciated her raw spirit and energy.  Beth was the only person in Minneapolis who watched him while I was out of town.  He wouldn’t really tolerate it from anyone else.  But being with Beth was like being on vacation!  Here he is mesmerized by her every thought.

Who’s Pajamas Are Those?

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Here’s a cute picture of Harley hanging out at the Blue Lodge. I’m trying to figure out who’s pajama pants those are. The red with blue octagon pattern.

under the table

I love how Harley is nestled under the coffee table with our mysterious pajama man (Matt perhaps?) next to a journal covered with stickers (powerpuff girls among them) under a half eaten burger, a couple of empty packs of Old Gold’s, and something shiny 😉 . Where are the handsome butts?

Harley and Joel

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harley and joel

A cool picture of Harley and Joel.  Harley starred in a song written by Joel.  And they worked on an album together.  Harley and Joel were tight.

Tom Waits Harley

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tom waits harley

Did I mention that he’s also HUGE in Japan?

tom waits side

The Dark Side of Jackie O

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Dark side of me and harley

This is another halloween costume for Harley and me.  In 1998, we dressed up as the Dark Side of Jackie O.

pink harley

Harley got painted pink and wore a disco ball around his neck.

harley rubbing his face

Here you can see Harley rubbing his face into the couch.

dark side of harley

I tried not to spray the pink around his face.

me harley and ui

Here we are with my friend, Yoshiko Ui, who I’ve since lost touch with.  I tried to find her address a couple times, but I’ve moved so much that I can’t find it.  (I’m secretly hoping that she might find this one day on a google search).  Harley was a big hit at Vito’s that night.  I don’t think we ended up staying out very late.  I seem to recall having the flu or something.  But not before Harley stole the show (as always).

Moving To Seattle

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harley and chad

Here’s a picture of Harley and Chad with our U-Haul trailer on the way to Seattle.

chad and harley

Harley and Chad had a few rows on the way there. Here is Chad looking very awkward and not sure what to do when a sweet little dog crawls into your lap while driving. Poor little Harley was cramped in the back seat which was entirely full. He ended up cuddling up on some pressed and dry cleaned shirts that Chad had hung in the back. My favorite quote from the trip was, “GET YOUR DOG OFF MY ITALIAN SHIRTS!”

harley in ballard

Harley’s new home in Ballard.

Harley in Chicago

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chitown tongue

This is a picture from our visit to Chicago.  Harley loved traveling.  Riding in the car, visiting friends were two of his favorite things to do.

erin and harley

Here he is flirting with Erin.

Harley and Heidi

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heidi and harley

Harley and Heidi in the car. Harley looks like he’s purring. Harley adored Heidi. She was like his second mom – joining me on the 24 hour vigil to save Harley’s eye.  Remember Coney?

heidi har and camera strap

Ahh Harley the feirce protector of the Blue Lodge..always faithful …always vigilant…I even recall him regularly protecting the sleeping Alyssia from me as I came into our room to go to sleep (or maybe was i planning to smother her in her sleep???? –perhaps!! and Harley was taking no chances to be sure!)…of course minutes later he could be sleeping in my bed but hey people have a right to change thier minds (and always remember Harley IS a person), Heidi

Heidi Nebel

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Alissa, I love Harley and i know he is happy looking down to see that he is still the center of attention! I adored living with him and couldn’t possibly forget him. (I just had a flash of him defending his property under the coffee table from invading feet)…I hope you know that if i was a dog i would want you to be my owner! I love you very much and am sending good vibrations to you and Harley wherever he may be…love, Heidi

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