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Roadtrip to Cloudcroft

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Harley went on vacation with us to Cloudcroft, NM.  Here we are with Darrell and Mira.  Darrell was the one who taught Harley how to stand on his hind legs and spin around.  Darrell was also the only one (besides me) who could get Harley to do the exorcist doggie trick.  Harley loved road trips.  Any excuse to hang out all day with his peeps and go in the car was okay by him.

Moving To Seattle

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harley and chad

Here’s a picture of Harley and Chad with our U-Haul trailer on the way to Seattle.

chad and harley

Harley and Chad had a few rows on the way there. Here is Chad looking very awkward and not sure what to do when a sweet little dog crawls into your lap while driving. Poor little Harley was cramped in the back seat which was entirely full. He ended up cuddling up on some pressed and dry cleaned shirts that Chad had hung in the back. My favorite quote from the trip was, “GET YOUR DOG OFF MY ITALIAN SHIRTS!”

harley in ballard

Harley’s new home in Ballard.

The Green House

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harley and rug

I’m not sure why every house I’ve lived in has some sort of rainbow colored nickname, but so was the appellation for our house in Austin.  Harley used to have really severe tear stains when he was young.  They got better with age.  It could also be that the water in Austin had more mineral deposits.  Harley would spend hours sitting on the back of the couch (to the left) and looking out the window.  And every day when the mailman came, he would stick his nose in the mailslot and bark incessantly until the mailman was gone.

harley's rear

Here’s Harley’s rump with Ebony, Chad, Matt, and Kim.  Man, everyone looks really YOUNG.  Harley loved all the hustle and bustle of the green house.  Harley was one of the most overly socialized dogs to ever live.

Harley and me

Harley and me (look at all his toys under the couch).

Harley’s First Girlfriend

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harley and chloe

Here is Harley with his very first girlfriend. My roomate, Shannon, brought home this stray dog one day. She was just a little baby puppy. She had been abandoned and was covered with fleas. So, she brought her home and washed her off.  She was up and about pretty quick. She and Harley had so much fun chasing each other around the house. Ahh. Puppy Love.

I’m not sure what became of Chloe. Shannon mostly lived at her boyfriend’s at the time. And although she was sweet and fun, taking care of a puppy is no small task. One day, I came home from school and Chloe had mysteriously disappeared. Apparently, someone had come into our house, taken Chloe, and left Harley behind. At least, that was the official story.

I never really believed it though. I always figured that Winn had taken her to the pound. But if he did, he never admitted it to anyone. That’s the Winn Jammer for you…always had a trick up his sleeve.

harley at the green house

Here’s a very happy Harley during the ‘Green House’ era.

In the Park

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in the park

Here’s a pic of Harley and me in the park sometime in 1992, I think.  Harley was pretty young and frisky then.  He definitely got into a lot more trouble during this era – chewing up shoes, eating things he wasn’t supposed to, he even survived being hit by a car.  He had nine lives, to be sure.

matt saddler

Here’s Harley with one of my roomates at the time, Matt Saddler.  Harley and Matt had a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes they loved each other like you see here.  Sometimes, they hated each other.  Harley was pretty calculating about exacting vengeance when he was angry.  I distinctly remember him making a point of pooping in Matt’s bed once.  Poor Matt was the only one who was ever bestowed with that blessing.

Harley at Lake Travis

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lake travis harley

When Harley was a puppy, we took him to Lake Travis. This is when I figured out that he didn’t like the water. As a puppy, Harley was brown and grey and white. The brown and grey were mostly gone by the time he turned one (except in his ears).

green house roomies

You can see how small he was here (about the same size as Matt’s sneakers). We didn’t know it at the time, but Shannon, Winn, and Matt were about to become our roomates.

My boyfriend asked if that was me being all sexy there with Harley.



Stalker and Harley

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stalker harley and me

My sister’s best friend growing up was Erica.  My friend, Joshua, nicknamed her  ‘Stalker’ because of the way she walks.  So to us, she’s just known as Stalker.   Here she is with Harley and Me on New Year’s Eve 1992-93.

yumi harley and me

I can’t believe how old these pictures are.  My sister looks like she’s straight out of a Whitesnake video.  Harley must have just gotten groomed.  This must have been shortly after I started taking him to the groomer.  I tried to do it myself for a while.  But my sister endlessly razzed me about how he looked like Sandy, the orphan dog.

Christmas 1992

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Harley on Christmas morning 1992. Harley’s cute little underbite was more obvious when he was younger and had more teeth.

yumi and harley

Yumi and Harley

harley and me

Harley is sick of all this mushy stuff.

yumi and harley

harley and me xmas

darrell's trick

This is the trick Darrell taught Harley.

Yumi Davis

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Sister! I am in tears after reading your blog. What you wrote about Harley was really beautiful and I am touched by all the thoughts that your friends have shared about him. It made me recall some of the memories I have of Harley. I will say that my memories will confirm your statements about his strength. I love to tell people about when we had to get Harley’s stomach pumped. Do you remember that? The other story I like is when Harley stayed at our house. Oh how he ruled the roost! I am truly sorry for your loss and know how much you loved him.

Thank you Tom for helping her to celebrate his life.

Love from the Davis family

Halloween 1992

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I went digging through my old photo albums and found some hilarious pictures. For Halloween 1992, Harley and I dressed up as Dorothy and Toto (you can’t see my red sparkly shoes). We had some interesting companions: Zorro the Shriner, Father Time (the boozer), a hot pink troll, a card playing Churchillian bumb, and the Pink Panther.

jimi and janis

There were some other fun costumes that year…Here’s Jimi and Janis.

undead sorority girls

The undead sorority girls (I am told they were Lambda Sigma Delta) – though from the looks of their shirts it could be Lambda Delta Sigma. I love how the sigma is dotted with a heart.

gay shriner and troll

OH. The shiner was really gay. Now it all makes sense. Maybe his wife was such a troll that she drove him to it…

pink panther

Joshua – when we thought he was straight. Man…were we dumb.

dorothy and shriner

In Kansas, all the shriners wear capes.

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