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Latin Music Star Harley

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marimba and harley

Here’s a picture of Harley with the marimba I brought back from Guatemala.  It’s February in Minnesota, and Harley is wearing the only sweater that he was never able to wriggle out of.

Eternity Candle

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eternity candle

Today was the one month anniversary of Harley’s death.  I’ve been hanging on to his stuff.  Not really wanting to accept that he’s not here.  I even left his bowl of food – have eaten with a little leaf of kale still in it.  Today I gathered up his things and put them away.  We had a little ceremony for him.  I’ve been carrying this little candle around with me for years not really knowing what to do with it.  The holder has the kanji symbol for eternity on all sides.  It seemed like an appropriate moment to light it.  So we put on a Frank Morgan CD (Frank Morgan was a world class jazz musician who died just days before Harley), and we said our goodbyes and our hellos.  We put the candle in the middle of the floor where Harley liked to sit, and we remembered all the good times.  I told Harley that I would light this candle again when I was thinking about him.  I sure miss the little guy.

Rock and Roll Dog

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harley in guitar case

Harley hanging out in my guitar case.

Stealing Casio’s Food

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Stealing Casio's Food

Harley for some reason REALLY liked Casio’s food. He knew he wasn’t supposed to eat it, but whenever he got the chance he would gobble it down. Casio would get very upset when this happened. Sometimes she would be driven to attack poor little Harley. So Tom would build these little forts around Casio’s food to keep Harley at bay. Here is Casio sitting atop the fort while Harley tries to figure out how to get in.


the getawayHere’s Harley making his getaway. He hasn’t given up, but he’ll step away for a few moments while he rethinks things…


Snow Dog

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Snow Dog

Harley was born in Austin, TX, and he didn’t much care for the snow.  He would be mildly fascinated by it until he got snow in his paws.  Then, he was DONE.  It was so cute the first winter after we moved to Wisconsin (from San Diego), Harley didn’t know what to make of it.  When it was time to go, he would walk down to the bottom of the steps, pee, and RUN back in the house.

harley in the snow

These pics are from Saint Paul.  I took him out one day while I was shoveling our sidewalk.

shoveling snow

Harley was very happy to climb back into his warm bed.

back in warm bed

Harley The Rockstar

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me and harley third ear

Harley was always present for all the most important moments. Here is Harley hanging out with me while we record my first record.

me and harley recording

You can hear the jingle jangle of Harley’s collar on many many recordings.

tscb birchwood

Here’s the whole band including Harley.

tscb birchwood

Harley gets his own chocolate chip cookie.

tscb birchwood

Beth Metal/Luna Rosa

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Dear Miss A-
My condolences on the loss of your love. Harlequin will be, and continues on in spirit as the best lover known to woman. He was tough, strong, sweet, sexy, silent at times, but knew how to put up a fight for what he beileved in. He was a musician, and the star of many, many, many, romance novels.
It’s hard to lose your first love. This memorial is the best I have ever seen.
My thoughts are with you. I am now pouring some out for my homie, Harley, the greatest dog to grace this earth.
I love you both.

Harley and Amber

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amber and harley

Harley had a deep love for Amber.  Look how content he is to just sit by her side and wait for his moment.

harles waiting

beth metal's hand

I think that is Beth Metal’s hand.

harley and amber

For some reason (I think we all know why), Harley felt an undeniable attraction to Amber.  Sometimes it would play out in very strange ways.  But, I can say now looking back that he never felt that way towards any other.

amber tongue

Yep.  Harley’s love for Amber was true blue.

Harley and Sarah

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harley and sarah

Here’s Harley looking really comfy with Sarah.

harley and sarah 2

Harley had a weak spot for pretty girls.


Ahh…now he can really spread out.

Road Trips

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cute in the car

Harley loved road trips.  He was so good in the car – even on long trips.  When I moved to California from Texas, Harley slept the whole way.  He was a perfect angel.  Then, he ran for three days straight when we got there.

going home

These are pictures from our last trip back from Tulsa.  Tom came to get us…

the tongue

Harley’s bed was in the back seat.  As you can see, the car was crammed full of stuff.

me and harley

road trip

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