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Modern Art

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modern art

Harley and me shortly after moving into the Blue Lodge. Megraine had moved out. But she had left behind a large box of things for several months. Being that the Blue Lodge was typically crammed with superheroes, space was tight. There was no place for the box other than the living room. Over time, it grew into a living art project. We threw a sheet over it, the remains of a chair, some mardi gras beads, a New York Times and VOILA. It became modern art. Harley and I had to have our say…

A Nice Place For a Nap

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bass drum

Sometimes Harley would do these things that were SO ENDEARING in that there was such GENIUS in the irony.  I would laugh to myself…Silly Dog.


And then he would do something to make me wonder…Just who was pulling who’s leg?

I miss my little genius.  :)

Harley Fort

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wet dog

Here’s a wet Harley drying off with his favorite squeaky toy.

wet dog

He’s snuggled up in a pile of things drier than he.

The Dreaded Bath

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bath face

One of Harley’s least favorite activities was the dreaded bath though he started to tolerate it a little better in his older age.

me and har bath

I’d always swaddle him up afterwards to dry him out a bit. Then as soon as I put him down he would run around in circles until he was dry.

me and wet har

I would always get my little snuggle moment before that. He wouldn’t tolerate it for long, but I think he appreciated all the love and attention more as he grew older and less restless.  When he was a puppy, he would run and hide at the mere mention of the word ‘bath’.  But the older he got, the worse his hearing was.  So I didn’t have to chase him around as much :)

World Beat Grooves

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world beat dog

Here’s Harley chillin’ to Amber’s phat world beat grooves. He’s kickin’ it on Meg’s orange chair with his squeaky purple bunny. He loved that bunny.

Laundry Basket

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laundry basket

Harley had this adorable habit of taking a nap in my laundry basket when I wasn’t around.  I don’t know how he always managed to crawl in there.  This was when we were sharing the room with Heidi.  It’s amazing how much stuff we managed to cram in that room.

Burger King

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coveting burger king

Look at Harley.  He WANTS that burger.  BAD.

burger king harley

Poor little thing though.  His friends went all the way to Burger King and all he got was this stupid hat.

Build Your Own Fort

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harley under table

Harley liked to hang out alot under pieces of furniture – coffee tables, chairs, musical equipment, what have you.  Once he was in there, it was HIS space.  Like a little Harley fort.  God forbid anyone should try to invade the Harley fort – wittingly or not.  That was how you unleashed the POWER that was HARLEY!

What’s This Snow Stuff?

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first winter

Me and Harley in front of our house in Madison.  When we first moved to the north from San Diego, it was pretty traumatic.  Harley would literally run to the bottom of the porch steps, pee, and RUN back inside.

Harley and Beth Metal

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harley and beth metal

Another one of Harley’s favorite people was Beth Metal.  Harley LOVED it when Beth came over.  He would get so animated.  He would run around in circles in front of her.  I think he appreciated her raw spirit and energy.  Beth was the only person in Minneapolis who watched him while I was out of town.  He wouldn’t really tolerate it from anyone else.  But being with Beth was like being on vacation!  Here he is mesmerized by her every thought.

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