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What’s This Snow Stuff?

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first winter

Me and Harley in front of our house in Madison.  When we first moved to the north from San Diego, it was pretty traumatic.  Harley would literally run to the bottom of the porch steps, pee, and RUN back inside.

Harley and Papa

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harley and papa

Harley LOVED my dad. Sometimes I wondered if he loved him more than me. Here they are on Christmas 1992.

This was our first white Christmas in Madison circa 1996.

Old Spice Dog

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old spice dog

Brrr!!  It’s cold outside.  Harley always hated winter as much as me.  Remember that fateful trip to the doggie emergency room our first winter in Minneapolis?  It’s supposed to get REALLY bad on Sunday.  It would be just like Harley to check out right before the deep freeze.  I hope he’s somewhere warm on a beach somewhere…

Harley and Ned

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The only dog that Harley lived with for an extended period of time was Ned, the springer spaniel (shown here with Mitch, Jonathon, and Cris – our roomates in Madison).

harley and ned

Harley and Ned were pretty good buddies. Ned had a really mellow temperament and could jump to amazing heights. Here they are with Mitch Pickerell and a snowman on our front porch.

Reindeer Ears

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reindeer ears

Harley sporting his Christmas look.

Harley the Cat

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harley the cat

People have often commented that Harley seemed confused about his identity.  My dad once said that he thought Harley was half-person, half-cat.  He lived with a few cats in his younger years and picked up some catlike habits.  Like resting on the arms of chairs and doing a cat stretch with his paws stretched out in front of him.  There was also the doggie purr.

Here I caught him red handed hopelessly entangled in a ball of yarn.

Sandy, The Orphan Dog

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When I was a student, I was on a pretty tight budget. I definitely didn’t have extra money for grooming. I got pretty good at grooming Harley myself. My sister used to laugh at how I butchered his hair. She would say he looked like Sandy, the orphan dog. I wish I could find the picture of my first grooming job. This was actually taken at the height of my skill. Those tear stains were pretty intense. The only way to really get rid of them was to feed Harley distilled water which was definitely not in my budget at the time. Plus, they were kind of rockstar looking.

sandy deluxe

They were much less noticeable from far away.

from the side

Harley watching football with my roomates (Look at Bob Dole’s nose ring).