In Memorium

Alan Lundgren

Filed under: Kind Words,San Diego — January 3, 2008 @ 7:25 pm

Sorry to hear the news about Harley. He was indeed an amazing dog. And it doesn’t surprise me he hung in there for as long as he did. That dog could stomach anything.

I’ve got lots of fond memories surrounding his life, and no doubt you have countless more. And to know that he’s been there for all this time that you’ve been coming of age (Austin, S.D., Wisconsin…Minneapolis,) I can’t imagine the loss you must feel. It’s tough to lose someone that has constantly been there with you for such a long time. At least, the little guy was lucky enough to have you as a master.

I wish I would have made it out to visit you and see that rascal in his ripe old age. Funny how such an occasion makes us stop and reflect on what could have been. But then again, I remind myself that I’ve been very fortunate to have you in my life, even if we fall out of touch now and then. You’re an amazing woman. I know you’ll come to terms with Harley passing on, and be able to appreciate all that he has meant to you (and everyone else) for so many years.