In Memorium

Harley and Heidi

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heidi and harley

Harley and Heidi in the car. Harley looks like he’s purring. Harley adored Heidi. She was like his second mom – joining me on the 24 hour vigil to save Harley’s eye.  Remember Coney?

heidi har and camera strap

Ahh Harley the feirce protector of the Blue Lodge..always faithful …always vigilant…I even recall him regularly protecting the sleeping Alyssia from me as I came into our room to go to sleep (or maybe was i planning to smother her in her sleep???? –perhaps!! and Harley was taking no chances to be sure!)…of course minutes later he could be sleeping in my bed but hey people have a right to change thier minds (and always remember Harley IS a person), Heidi

Wedding Rehearsal

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bridesmaids and harley

Here is a picture of Harley and some of the bridesmaids from Megan’s Wedding at the wedding rehearsal.

alissa and harley

Here’s Harley walking me down the aisle.  Harley likes to stop and smell the roses…or er grass along the way.


There was some concern that Harley might not sit still for the whole ceremony as he got a little antsy during the rehearsal and I had to explain to him what was going on.  He figured it out for the ceremony.  He just sat on his little rock and was perfectly behaved.

bridesmaid exit

Here we are making our grand exit.

Sarah, Heidi, Harley, and Me

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sarah harley heidi and me

Here we are in the car on the way to the rehearsal for Megan’s wedding.

harley and the ladies

Harley LOVED to ride in the car ESP. with a car full of ladies.

Megan’s Wedding

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bridesmaid's harley

The day of Megan’s wedding was without a doubt the happiest day of Harley’s life. Here he is kickin’ it with the ladies (one of his favorite things to do).

harley's kimono

Harley got a kimono to match with our bridesmaid dresses…

harley and me

Here is a pic of Harley and me right after the ceremony. Harley was SO GOOD. He sat on his little rock through the entire ceremony and was a perfect angel. He just KNEW.

robert harley and me

Robert Walker was blowing sweet somethings into a lot of ears that night :) Here we are at the reception which Harley INSISTED on attending.

harley's bed

Harley was the only one to get his own bed that night at the hotel. Lucky dog.

I have many more pics to come…

Pam Coletti

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Ron, Alyssa and I were so sorry to hear that Harley passed on.  It was obvious that you two had a very close bond.  We lost Willie in March and it still hurts whenever we think of him.  Your memories and pictures of Harley will always create a warm spot in your heart.  We truly sympathize with you.

Pam Coletti