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Stealing Casio’s Food

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Stealing Casio's Food

Harley for some reason REALLY liked Casio’s food. He knew he wasn’t supposed to eat it, but whenever he got the chance he would gobble it down. Casio would get very upset when this happened. Sometimes she would be driven to attack poor little Harley. So Tom would build these little forts around Casio’s food to keep Harley at bay. Here is Casio sitting atop the fort while Harley tries to figure out how to get in.


the getawayHere’s Harley making his getaway. He hasn’t given up, but he’ll step away for a few moments while he rethinks things…


The Harley Bee

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Tom made this video of Harley and I riding in the burley bee on his phone. The resolution isn’t the best. But you can see a smaller less fuzzy version HERE. The movie is very timely as it is a snapshot in time of many things which have been lost this year. Harley in the buggy riding by the train tracks to Tom’s studio. The studio is slated for demolition any time now. It seems so strange how much things can change in one year…

Suave Commercial

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Harley hated baths, but he was much better behaved about them as he got older. Tom made this video of him getting a bath at Third Ear…

Tom Herbers

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Hi Alissa,When I went running today at the club, I took my ipod and the first song that came on was this…

Robert Plant wrote it about his dog, Strider. (Here is a VIDEO of the song)

Led Zeppelin – Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp


Ah caught you smiling at me, That’s the way it should be,

Like a leaf is to a tree, so fine.


Ah all the good times we had, I sang love songs so glad

Always smiling, never sad, so fine.


*As we walk down the country lanes, I’ll be singing a song,

Hear me calling your name.

Hear the wind within the trees, Telling Mother Nature ’bout you and me.


Well if the sun shines so bright, Or on our way it’s darkest night

The road we choose is always right, so fine.


Ah can your love be so strong When so many loves go wrong

Will our love go on and on…


My, my la de la come on now it ain’t too far,

Tell your friends all around the world,

Ain’t no companion like a blue eyed merle.

Come on now well let me tell you,

What you’re missing, missing, ’round them brick walls.


So of one thing I am sure, It’s a friendship so pure,

Angels singing all around my door, so fine.

Yeah, ain’t but one thing to do Spend my natural life with you,

You’re the finest dog I knew, so fine.


When you’re old and your eyes are dim, There ain’t no old Shep gonna happen again,

We’ll still go walking down country lanes, I’ll sing the same old songs,

Hear me call your name.


(Tom didn’t know this at the time, but one of the last things Harley and I did together was listen to a live Led Zeppelin CD in the car. Strange)