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Wedding Rehearsal

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bridesmaids and harley

Here is a picture of Harley and some of the bridesmaids from Megan’s Wedding at the wedding rehearsal.

alissa and harley

Here’s Harley walking me down the aisle.  Harley likes to stop and smell the roses…or er grass along the way.


There was some concern that Harley might not sit still for the whole ceremony as he got a little antsy during the rehearsal and I had to explain to him what was going on.  He figured it out for the ceremony.  He just sat on his little rock and was perfectly behaved.

bridesmaid exit

Here we are making our grand exit.

Harley The Rockstar

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me and harley third ear

Harley was always present for all the most important moments. Here is Harley hanging out with me while we record my first record.

me and harley recording

You can hear the jingle jangle of Harley’s collar on many many recordings.

tscb birchwood

Here’s the whole band including Harley.

tscb birchwood

Harley gets his own chocolate chip cookie.

tscb birchwood

The Blue Lodge

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meg harley blue lodge

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Harley lived for many years with a band of superheroes known collectively as Team Millenium Moon (headquartered at the Blue Lodge). Their lives were filled with much love and drama. Harley was often the calm center of many a tumultuous storm (except when an ambulance drove by). Here is he is as a beacon of serenity amidst the maelstrom of fashion magazines, crayolas, and hip hop sneakers that was…MEGRAINE.

jeff alissa sarah harley blue lodge

J. An’tal was another inhabitant of the infamous blue lodge. When he wasn’t busy training in the martial arts, he developed his skill at warding off enemies with this elusive trick – making vampire fangs from mozarella cheese. Here, Harley is sharing much love and affection with the mysterious Ice S.

heidi har blue lodge

Last but not least, Harley had a very special affection for illustrious HiDJ. Not only did they share a passion for music, but Harley had a special passion for HiDJ’s bed (which incidentally was the only one that was not raised off the ground). Harley spent many hours snuggled there. As you can see, he made himself quite at home with our fair HiDJ.

Beth Metal/Luna Rosa

Dear Miss A-
My condolences on the loss of your love. Harlequin will be, and continues on in spirit as the best lover known to woman. He was tough, strong, sweet, sexy, silent at times, but knew how to put up a fight for what he beileved in. He was a musician, and the star of many, many, many, romance novels.
It’s hard to lose your first love. This memorial is the best I have ever seen.
My thoughts are with you. I am now pouring some out for my homie, Harley, the greatest dog to grace this earth.
I love you both.

Critical Mass

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critical mass

Harley was a big hit at Critical Mass which is a giant several hundred cycler ride that starts in Loring Park (a few blocks away).

critical mass 2

Harley rode in back in the buggy, and would occasionally howl and bark.  Invariably, people would stop and laugh.  OH!  I thought you had a baby in there.

looking out at the bikers

I love this picture of Harley looking out at all the bikers.

Megan’s Wedding

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bridesmaid's harley

The day of Megan’s wedding was without a doubt the happiest day of Harley’s life. Here he is kickin’ it with the ladies (one of his favorite things to do).

harley's kimono

Harley got a kimono to match with our bridesmaid dresses…

harley and me

Here is a pic of Harley and me right after the ceremony. Harley was SO GOOD. He sat on his little rock through the entire ceremony and was a perfect angel. He just KNEW.

robert harley and me

Robert Walker was blowing sweet somethings into a lot of ears that night :) Here we are at the reception which Harley INSISTED on attending.

harley's bed

Harley was the only one to get his own bed that night at the hotel. Lucky dog.

I have many more pics to come…

Suave Commercial

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Harley hated baths, but he was much better behaved about them as he got older. Tom made this video of him getting a bath at Third Ear…

Phil Spector Harley

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phil spector

Kind of like Phil Spector…but without all the guns and the evil.

Someone Else’s Dog

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Someone Else’s Dog
by J. Lederer

I was stoned out in the afternoon
singing songs to someone else’s dog
Caught in the spaces in-between
my best intentions and my dreams
A space so small
I could not breach it

If you want to see something
take a look outside
a look outside your window
all those people
they’re not you
they’re not me
no, their medicine is unique
take a look outside yourself

All those places that I knew
when I was little
got smaller as I grew
or so it seemed
When in fact they never changed at all
that iron gate out in the schoolyard
I could fit in-between it


I was stoned out in the afternoon
singing songs to someone else’s dog…

Harley at Third Ear

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Harley behind the console.

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