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Fashion Photo Shoot

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fashion dj

More memories from the Blue Lodge today. Here, Harley and I play DJ.

hiDJ and Harley

HiDJ and Harley at the peak of fashion.

har and me fashion

These photos were taken by famous fashion photographer, J’Antal…


World Beat Grooves

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world beat dog

Here’s Harley chillin’ to Amber’s phat world beat grooves. He’s kickin’ it on Meg’s orange chair with his squeaky purple bunny. He loved that bunny.

Burger King

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coveting burger king

Look at Harley.  He WANTS that burger.  BAD.

burger king harley

Poor little thing though.  His friends went all the way to Burger King and all he got was this stupid hat.

Harley and Joel

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harley and joel

A cool picture of Harley and Joel.  Harley starred in a song written by Joel.  And they worked on an album together.  Harley and Joel were tight.

Tom Waits Harley

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tom waits harley

Did I mention that he’s also HUGE in Japan?

tom waits side

Sandy, The Orphan Dog

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When I was a student, I was on a pretty tight budget. I definitely didn’t have extra money for grooming. I got pretty good at grooming Harley myself. My sister used to laugh at how I butchered his hair. She would say he looked like Sandy, the orphan dog. I wish I could find the picture of my first grooming job. This was actually taken at the height of my skill. Those tear stains were pretty intense. The only way to really get rid of them was to feed Harley distilled water which was definitely not in my budget at the time. Plus, they were kind of rockstar looking.

sandy deluxe

They were much less noticeable from far away.

from the side

Harley watching football with my roomates (Look at Bob Dole’s nose ring).

Hanging Out In The Control Room

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under console

A very strange night tonight.  My neighbor’s apartment caught on fire.  Barack Obama wins South Carolina.  Remembering Harley getting curious in the control room of Tom’s studio.

making himself at home

Harley just made himself at home.

studio dog

No professional studio is complete without a little white shih tzu.

Latin Music Star Harley

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marimba and harley

Here’s a picture of Harley with the marimba I brought back from Guatemala.  It’s February in Minnesota, and Harley is wearing the only sweater that he was never able to wriggle out of.

Rock and Roll Dog

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harley in guitar case

Harley hanging out in my guitar case.

Stealing Casio’s Food

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Stealing Casio's Food

Harley for some reason REALLY liked Casio’s food. He knew he wasn’t supposed to eat it, but whenever he got the chance he would gobble it down. Casio would get very upset when this happened. Sometimes she would be driven to attack poor little Harley. So Tom would build these little forts around Casio’s food to keep Harley at bay. Here is Casio sitting atop the fort while Harley tries to figure out how to get in.


the getawayHere’s Harley making his getaway. He hasn’t given up, but he’ll step away for a few moments while he rethinks things…


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